Youth and Children Section

Welcome to New Life’s Youth and Children’s page

Welcome to our Youth education section.  We will be posting some very useful material here in regards to Curriculum.


Elementary Children – K through 5th Grade

We will be posting our Elementary program on the site.  This is designed for children to do arts and crafts as well as the lesson of the day.  It is fun and interactive for the whole family.


On July 19th through July 31st we are holding our Summer Camp for grades 2 through 5.  From tradition camp activities such as smores and bonfires to trips to the local pools to cool off, and not to mention a couple of field trips.


Middle and High Schoolers

Faithful formation is an in-person program, where at present, this is only available for Middle to High Schoolers due to COVID restrictions; we hope, however, to open this up to all our families in the Fall.  This program meets for food and then some Bible lessons that will help our young people understand Faith from their perspective.


Family Ministry

Every so often we will have a series that is designed as a Bible study that is designed for the family to sit down and talk about as a whole.


We hope you find something of use in these pages and as always I am always available if you have any questions.